Sunday, September 13, 2015


Arnold Schwarzenegger is the protagonist of an action film where he erases people and gives them new identities. The main weapon of choice is a rail gun. The physics of a rain gun is pretty complex and the movie follows these physics very poorly. When Arnold shoots the rail gun, he would have had to flown backwards when the bullet leaves the gun.

Ma= Arnold's Mass
Mb= Bullet's Mass
Vai= Initial velocity of Arnold
Vbi= Initial velocity of the bullet
Vaf= Arnold's final velocity
Vbf= Bullet's final velocity

Arnold would have had to have flown backwards at 30,000 meters per second.

When it comes to how fast the victim would have flown backwards, the movie is wrong again. Assuming the bullet stuck in the victim, Vfv=Vfb=Vf, the movie's physics is all inaccurate. 

Mv=Victim's mass
Mb= Mass of the bullet
Vfv= Final velocity of the victim 
Vfb= Final velocity of the bullet
Vib= Initial velocity of the bullet
Viv= Initial velocity of the victim

The victim would have had to been flying backwards at 37,000 meters per second. 

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  1. Good job with the calculations. Add a little more commentary or analysis next time if you want a top grade.